Sunday, May 16, 2010

Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin D Lower Blood Pressure, But What Does This Mean?

image Coenzyme Q10 lowered BP 16.6/8.2 in three studies and 13.5/10.3 in others.
Ca 1200 plus 800 vitamin D lowed systolic BP by 13.1 mmHg.
You may know that the maximum dose of most antihypertensive doesn't lower BP beyond 15-20 mmHg of systolic blood pressure. And even more important is that just lower BP is not enough, Atenolol lowers blood pressure but does not reduce mortality: which is our true goal for treating hypertension.

Another controversial issue is - do we consider asymptomatic high blood pressure a disease or a risk factor? My approach as (that of many others) is to consider asymptomatic high blood pressure a risk factor for diseases, such as strokes and heart attacks and then try to manage the overall risk.This means that simply providing supplements, such as Co-enzyme Q10 and vitamin D to lower blood pressure does not go far enough in my view.  Having said that there are two points that may change how I manage hypertension:
1. This article suggests that replacing people with low normal vitamin D lowers their blood pressure. Could low vitamin D be a cause for high blood pressure? Recall that we do not know the cause of over 90% of hypertensive people.
2. Statins that are commonly used in hypertensive people lowers Coenzyme Q10, which when given as a supplement reduces blood pressure. This shows that the way we look at cardiovascular risk reduction needs revision.
Complementary and alternative medicine approaches to blood pressure reduction: An evidence-based review -- Nahas 54 (11): 1529 -- Canadian Family Physician

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